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Do you need an emotional shake-up? Did you like to solve puzzles in childhood and still prefer detective fiction? Do you want to organise an event that will become an exciting adventure for your family, friends or co-workers?

Quest Room – entertainment for the heroes of our time

Another reality

Quest Rooms Project is smart amusement of a new format designed for those who seek new impressions. The mysterious atmosphere of adventure and quests, so familiar to fans of computer games, is transferred into our reality.

Twisted spiral of the story demands impromptu and ingenuity from each participant, but at the same time does not necessarily presuppose need of special knowledge and training – anyone can participate, regardless of gender and age.

You have only 60 minutes to feel the joy of victory... and to see the “true faces” of the members of your team!

Specially for you, we:

  • Have created for you a logical chain of interesting quests and puzzles that require ingenuity and team cohesion.

  • Have developed unique scenarios with exclusive stories transporting the heroes to the fascinating world of adventure.

  • Have taken care of pleasant atmosphere during the game – the rooms are perfectly ventilated, and a comfortable temperature is maintained in them.

  • Have ensured full security – we use only those materials in the quest rooms which are safe for humans.

  • Guarantee the absolute authenticity of events – already in the first second of the start, you will be immersed into the wonderful world, leaving outside routine and boredom.

An incredible adventure is starting...
Are you ready for the challenge?

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