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What is the escape room?


...the exciting atmosphere of adventure, in which the team members have to get out of the trap for a limited period of time.

Become the hero of your favourite computer game or a famous Hollywood blockbuster in real life! Find caches, choose the correct clues, use non-standard items and solve puzzles to open locked doors, find hidden passages, get out of the room ...and enjoy the taste of victory!

Exitoria Escape Rooms Quests – better to experience it for yourself once than to see it for hundred times on screen.


In a small room which will give you a burst of positive emotions!

Closed space, which, in accordance with the scenario, may be a cute children’s room, a den of a blood-thirsty maniac, a secret apartment of a world-famous spy, an abandoned bunker or a space station. Each room has its own entourage and individual story.


After 60 minutes, the doors will be open, but if you have not got out of the room, you will not receive any prizes!

Within 60 minutes, you have to get out of the room using any items that can be found in the room – they may (or may NOT!) be part of the logic puzzle. All things can (and should!) be moved, touched, combined with each other, and in some cases – even broken!

For whom?

Children, adults, grandparents… Quest is a game for everyone!
Participation does not necessarily presuppose need of special knowledge and training – anyone can participate, regardless of gender and age:

  • groups of friends;
  • families with children;
  • couples;
  • stag/hen parties;
  • corporate team building events.


Escaperoom is an exclusive entertainment of new generation, which is popular in many countries around the world:

  • a fascinating adventure that unites people of all ages and tempers;
  • training and development of logical thinking, which does not require special skills and knowledge;
  • a burning but safe adventure, which is completely harmless even for children;
  • a unique team game, which helps to rally a team of all types of people;
  • a memorable experience, which will impress the winners of the quest and be retained in their memory for many years.

Ready to experience it for yourself?

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