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Quest price - Is it the price for one person or for all team members?

Price will depend on player count selected. Usually it can be from 20 EUR to 60 EUR.

How long is the game?

Usually the game lasts one hour, then you let the room. But if you finish the game faster, the door will open.

How many people can participate the game?

In the description of the game is written maximum number of participants. Each quest is different in the size of the room and room quantity, thats why the number of participants can be different too. Usually it is the team from 2 to 5 people.

How can I book the game?

After selecting a game at our mane page and pressing a button 'More', you can find a button 'Book now', after clicking this button, you will go to reservation section. There you will fill in all the necessary information and you can book the time you like. You can call us: +371 266 19 666 or write us on e-mail: Payment on the spot.

How can I pay for the game?

You can pay locally. Also we can send you a bill, and you can make a remote payment.

What I should know before the game?

Nothing! Before the game you will have an instruction. For the game you don't need extra knowledge and skills.

Is it scary inside the room?

Quest room can be on different themes. You can choose horrific quest or peaceful and funny quest room.

What if we haven't played before?

Thats wonderful! That means, that you will have new positive emotions of the game. Before the game starts, you will have an instructions. In the room all the tasks are made in the way, that each person is able to complete them.

Not only in the dream you can be a hero!

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